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Professional Coaching

Image de Jonathan Borba

Worklife & leadership

My coaching, first and foremost, is a time to stop and take a step back from your professional challenges. It is a space to open the field of possibilities, imagine new solutions, and develop your skills. You will reach a new level of confidence, efficiency, performance, and well-being.

Some examples of objectives or themes of work: 

- Dare to be yourself

- Develop your leadership

- Manage stress and emotions

- Increase your self-confidence

- Develop your communication skills 

- Support complex personalities
- Finding a balance between work and personal life
- Prepare a professional transition

Individual and group
Ikigai coaching

This coaching uses the Ikigai method to find your purpose and discover YOUR IKIGAI. 

What we will do together:
- Take stock of what you like 
- Explore and define your values
- List your technical and human skills, your know-how,   your interpersonal skills
- Put into perspective who you are: your skills, desires,   and values with what the world needs to find your ikigai, the action, the job, and the project that makes sense for you.

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